Below is a list of services that we provide, and the associated charges for these services that are not covered by OHIP. This list is not exhaustive but covers the most common non-insured services you may encounter.

Patients must pay for services that are not covered by the Ministry of Health as follows:

Notes, Forms and Certificates (when medically indicated)

Type of Service Description of Uninsured Form / Report / Service Fee
Completion of Form Physicals for Schools/Camps, Admission to Day-Care, Preschool, University or any other educational institution $30
Pre-employment Certification of Fitness $40
Hospital/Nursing Home Employees $40
Completion of Licensing Forms/Certificates: Drivers Medical Examination and Form $125
Drivers Medical Form only $65
Completion of Work and School Related Forms/Notes Back to Work Notes/Sick Notes $20
Insurance Certificates: (An assessment fee can be charged in addition to the insurance form fee if an assessment is necessary to obtain relevant information needed to complete the form) OCF-3 Disability Certificate $160
OCF-18 Treatment Plan $160
OCF-19 Determination of Catastrophic Impairment $130
OCF-23 Treatment Confirmation $155
Medical Certificate for Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefits $60
CPP and DTC Forms CPP Disability Medical Report Form (T2201) OHIP covered
CPP The Narrative Medical Report OHIP covered
Revenue Canada, Federal Disability Tax Credit $83
Other Certificates Medical Certificate Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits $40
TB Mantoux Testing*** TB Test requested by Ministry of Health Program (e.g. Public Health). Includes test and form/report OHIP Covered
TB Test requested for admission or continuation in a day care, pre- school, school, college, university or other educational institution. Includes test and form/report OHIP Covered
One Step TB Test $30
Two Step TB Test $60
Unremunerated Report Forms (Physician is NOT permitted to charge a patient for completion) Application for Accessible Parking Permit/Transit Forms for No charge
PR Card Forms/Request for Birth Certificate Form/Canadian Passport Application
Children’s Aid Society Form (on behalf of a child)/Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (e.g. Limited Use, Assistive Devices
Chart copies Copy of the Full Chart $30.00 (first 20 pages) + $.25 per page thereafter. $30.00 + $0.25/pg
Copy of the Full Chart via secure email or other electronic transfer $30
Copies onto USB stick $30
Registered Mail Fee (additional) $30
Prescriptions and Requisitions Urgent Prescription renewal, or New Prescription without office visit (at physician discretion) $20
Letter for massage therapy, physiotherapy, orthotics, back support, stockings etc. $20
Lost Requisition/Referral, Rebooking of missed specialist appointment or test $20
Other Missed Appointment $25
Administration of vaccinations/shots for travel (per shot) $10
Liquid Nitrogen per lesion (warts, moles, skin tags etc.) $20
Urgent Completion of Forms (1 wk vs 6-8wks) $75
Replacement of immunization certificate $25
Ear syringing*** Ear Syringing $25