Below is a list of services that we provide, and the associated charges for these services that are not covered by OHIP. This list is not exhaustive but covers the most common non-insured services you may encounter.

Patients must pay for services that are not covered by the Ministry of Health as follows:

Notes, Forms and Certificates (when medically indicated)

Uninsured services Fee
Camp and school physical form (includes exam and completion of form) $30
Certificate of medical status $30
Children’s Aid Society clearance medical certificate for prospective foster parents $50
Letter for exclusion from jury duty where medically indicated $25
Prescriptions for massage, physiotherapy, orthotics, braces, compression stockings, etc. (per prescription) $15
Pre-employment certificate of fitness $40
Revenue Canada Federal Disability Tax Credit Certificate (includes mailing) $65
Sick/Back to Work notes $20
Sickness & Accident forms (short term only) $50
Travel cancellation certificate $50
Functional Abilities Form (FAF) as requested by Employer for work $45
EI disability or maternity certificate $25
Driver’s Medical Examination and/or reports $100 – $150

Diagnosis, Counseling, and Treatment

Uninsured services Fee
Physical requested by a third party $100+
Urgent Prescription renewal (at physician discretion) $20
TB Skin Testing, if not covered by OHIP (e.g. for employment purposes)
  • 1 Step
  • 2 Step

Travel Advice (Note: Dr. Dharssi is not a travel medicine specialist) $60
Administration of vaccinations/shots for travel (per shot) $20
Liquid Nitrogen per lesion (warts, moles, skin tags etc.) $20
House Calls more than 15 minutes from clinic (at physician discretion) $150/hr round trip

Other Services

Uninsured services Fee
Printing/Faxing of medical reports (at patient’s request) First 20 pages – $30
Every page after – $0.25
Registered Mail Fee (additional) $15
Urgent Completion of Forms (1 week vs 6-8 weeks) $75
Missed appointment (without 24 hrs notice) $40
Rebooking of missed specialist appointment or test $25
Replacement of immunization certificate $25
Replacement of lost/misplaced prescription, requisitions for tests $15
Specialist referral without an appointment (at physician discretion) $25
Transfer of Medical Records $50 – $125