COVID-19 Pandemic Mental Health Resources

Remember: Some level of anxiety is expected during this time

We are all continuing to learn more about COVID-19 with each passing day. At any time, let alone during a pandemic, ambiguity can cause an increase in anxiety in many. This is expected and you are not alone. We have posted some mental health resources as it relates to COVID-19 which may be helpful for all to review below:

“During times of increased stress, it is common to enter the Reacting Zone of the Mental Health Continuum. While this is an adaptive response, and most individuals will use their own positive coping strategies to manage the increased demands, it is important to maintain an ongoing awareness of your health and well-being during this time. Note any significant changes in behaviour including listening to friends and family members if they express concern for your well-being, and ensuring that coping strategies remain positive and effective.” –

A cartoon reminder with a few examples of what we can & cannot control: