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COVID-19 Vaccine and Immunization Update

We are in the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is a threat in our communities. The quicker...


Our office has not yet received any of the Astra Zeneca vaccines

Dear Patients/Families: Our office has not yet received any of the Astra Zeneca vaccines for the 60- 64 yr age...


COVID-19 Vaccine – Update

Dear Patients/Families: Good news! Thank you for your patience as we travel these waters together. We have received some updated...


When will the COVID-19 vaccination be available for all?

To our valued patients, We understand many of you are interested to know when COVID-19 vaccination may be made available...


COVID-19 Vaccine

We understand that you are concerned about the COVID-19 virus and interested in news of the vaccine, please note: The...


Flu Shots 2020 UPDATE

We have received an initial supply of Flu vaccines – both High Dose (for > 65 yrs) and regular are...

WHO COVID-19 Myth Busters

World Health Organization Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: Myth Busters

In an attempt to help the public navigate the disinformation campaign that we are currently experiencing regarding COVID-19, the World...

Coronavirus Activity Book

What is Coronavirus? Story & Activity Book for Children

We are in uncharted territory that is confusing for adults, imagine what it is like for our children. Thankfully there...

What I Can Control

COVID-19 Pandemic Mental Health Resources

Remember: Some level of anxiety is expected during this time We are all continuing to learn more about COVID-19 with...

Corona Virus

COVID-19 Pandemic Useful Links

In order to avoid confusion and and the spread of misinformation, here are some useful links regarding COVID-19

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